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TL;DR download the chrome extension here

Digital marketing + reporting = percent changes calculations.

Percent Change Calculations are a pain in the butt! They are not hard to calculate but I always forget the the formula. So to solve that I started building them into everything I use. In excel, there is no percent change function so I created one in python using DataNitro. Here is the python code:

def percent_change(new,old):
    change = ((new - old)/new)
    return change

In Gdocs spreadsheets there is no built in function so I created a custom function using JavaScript.

function percentChange(y1,y2) {
    var change = (y2 - y1)/y2;
    return change

When I need to calculate quickly I needed to calculate it in google’s calc, use a website, use the one installed on my work PC, or use cloudy calculator which is an awesome chrome extension calculator.

It was taking too long, I want to just put in 2 numbers and get back the % change. My co-workers and I have used but I wanted something better.

I looked for a percentage change calculator extension in the chrome web store and to my surprise there wasn’t one.

So over the weekend I built one!

It was surprisingly very easy to do and I highly recommend everyone trying to make one. Google created a ton of sample extensions that can get you started.

Download my extension here:

The chrome extension will calculate the % change of a number and 2 other common percentage questions.

Let me know any feedback on twitter, google plus or in the comments below. I will be making some updates to it as time goes on. The first update I want to add is shortcut keys and have you automaticly in one of the input boxes when the popup loads. Let me know of any other cool additions you guys want.

If you want to really see how I built it you can see all the code on my github.

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