A Request to the Google Now Team: Let me, Help you, Help me.

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A Request to the Google Now Team: Let me, Help you, Help me.

Dear Google Now team,

Can I please submit data and connections to my online identity? It will help you guys make more connections and help me get the data I want.

Here is why I ask:

A month ago I got a flat tire on my bike and kept forgetting to order a new tire online. I was passing a bike shop and decided to stop and buy one there. I then realized that I didn’t know the size of my tire, I considered guessing but it’s for my first road bike so wasn’t sure if it was the average size. There are a lot more customization’s on it then my previous mountain bikes. I remembered that I have a ton of pictures of it on my phone and tried to zoom into the tire but still no luck.

At that point I wanted to be able to turn to the omnipotent Google and ask it.

“Ok Google, what size are my bike tires”

I started thinking about it, and thought that Google should know the size of my tire (and probably does but is holding out on me).

At first that might seem crazy that Google should know that but lets break it down.

I have pictures of myself next to my bike. Google has very powerful image/facial recognition algorithms to detect my face and be able to read text.
I have searched for tires and inner tubes while logged in to Google.
I have bought bike related things using my Google Wallet.
I have my directions set to bike in Google Now.

That should paint a good picture for Google about my bike tire.

I want Google to tell me!

Here’s my solution in order to keep both the early adopters and laggards happy.

Let us (early adopters) give you information. Let us help you make connections.
I would love to be able to input more information to my Google profile. I want to be able to say what kind of bike I have, computer I have, clothing sizes I wear and much more. That way Google can give me more relevant information that I need or allow me to use conversations search more accurately.

If I could submit information to Google I could ask these questions:

    • Ok Google, what are the size of my bike tires?
      • It will know all my bikes and be able to look up the tire sizes.
    • Ok Google, how much gas is it going to cost me to get to nyc?
      • It will know the make and model of the car I drive and relate that to gas prices.
    • Ok Google, whats cheapest 8gb ram that will fit my computer?
      • It will know my computer make and model and be able to compare that with current deals.

If I could add data to my own profile I could get these awesome predictive notifications:

    • There is a sale on these bike tires that fit your Fuji, and I know you haven’t bought new ones in awhile.
    • You should get your oil changed soon, it’s been 3 months.
    • There is a complaint about the drive pedal sticking on your car, here is some more news about it.
    • It’s fathers day tomorrow you should call your dad. Do want to set a reminder for 8pm when, on average, you talk to him on weekdays?
    • It’s your moms birthday tomorrow, here is a ad for discount on flowers. You can send them with one click.
      • Since they have your Google Wallet account & know her address

In my opinion, the best technology is the kind you don’t have to think about and gives you back more time to do the things you enjoy. So Google, let me help you, help me! Let’s work together and you can really become the perfect personal assistant, and it’s cool if you throw some ads in there .

K Thnx bye,

Now to the people who think it is creepy.

It’s NOT! Sorry… Sorry… I mean It’s not, you just need to think about it. In a really basic form it’s just a logic based program; just a series of IF statements. If I am near an airport and have a airplane ticket in my gmail then bring up that data. If I bought something from amazon then show me when it is supposed to be delivered. If I am in a different time zone tell me what time it is at home. If I am in a city 70% of the time make that home until user says otherwise. If I search for something a bunch of times then show news about it until I swipe it away.

Okay, I know it is incredibly more advanced than just a series of if statements but you get the idea.

So if we give Google more info isn’t to deliver me more ads?
Yes! Probably. So what? If you don’t want ads you are going to have to pay for these free services. A lot of time, energy and money goes into Google search and their data centers. Do you want to pay every time you search? No, but someone else is going to and I am fine with that.

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