GDG NYC Universal Analytics Talk Notes, Links, & Slides [Recap]

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GDG NYC Universal Analytics Talk Notes, Links, & Slides [Recap]

global_274158362On wednesday May 28th I gave a talk at the NYC Google Developer Group May Meetup on Analytics. I wanted to make this post to give everyone the links and resources that I mentioned in my talk so here’s the link dump. If you got a good resource you think should be added, leave it in the comments and I’ll give it a look.

Here is the write up of my talk:

Topic: “Understanding the user on and offline with Google Analytics”  (Speaker: Nico Miceli, GDE for Google Analytics)

Nico will discuss ways that you can use the new version of Google Analytics (universal analytics) to measure the real engagement of your users, create new custom metrics, track off site activities in Google Analytics and ways to track the same user across devices.

Full slide deck:

Universal Analytics The New Google Analytics

Setting Universal Analytics Up – Google support pages

Upgrading Asynchronous  (the last version) to Universal  - Google support pages

Universal Analytics: The Next Generation of Google Analytics

10 Things to know About Migrating to Universal Analytics

The Benefits of Universal Analytics


Universal (analytics.js) Analytics Event tracking - Google documentation

Event Tracking – Android SDK v4 – Google documentation

Event Tracking – iOS SDK v3 – Google documentation

How to Track User Engagement with Forms – by Chris Le on SEER’s blog – Note: it is using the event tracking syntax from ga.js the previous version of analytics.

A form tracking example (jsfiddle) I did as example at one of my last talks

5 Events You Must Track With Google Analytics – blog

How to Track Downloads & Outbound Links in Universal Analytics – Blast Marketing

Custom Dimensions

Custom Dimensions & Metrics – Web Tracking (analytics.js) – Google documentation

Custom Dimensions & Metrics – iOS SDK – Google documentation

Custom Dimensions & Metrics – Android SDK v4 – Google documentation

Cross Device Management

Understanding Cross Device Measurement and the User-ID

Tracking the Same Person Across Different Devices with Google Analytics – My post on SEER’s blog

User ID – Web Tracking (analytics.js) – Google documentation

User ID – Android SDK v4 – Google documentation

User ID – iOS SDK – Google documentation

Measurement Protocol

Measurement Protocol Documentation

Other fun stuff you can do with the measurement protocol:

Phyiscal Analytics Part 2 – Tracking movement with Google Analytics – this site

Phyiscal Analytics Part 1 – Tracking Doors, Windows, & More with Google Analytics – this site

Measuring Twitter with Universal Analytics – Google Analytics Blog

Real-Time API Documentation It’s still in beta but you can request access

Connecting coffee consumption to developer productivity Google Analytics Blog

Using Universal Analytics to Drive Strategic Marketing

Google Forms & The Measurement Protocol

Customer Centricity

Peter Fader on why Customer Centricity Matters

Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage (book)

What does it mean to be customer centric? [infographic] by Monetate

Debuggers and places to ask help

Google Analytics Debugger Chrome Extension

Google Analytics Developer Google+ Community

Stack Overflow Google Analytics Tag

Official Google Analytics Product Forms

Google group for analytics.js developers

Please Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or on G+ +nicomiceli or twitter @nicomiceli

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